About StudentsExcel

You teach business majors. We teach Excel. Together, we’ll prepare the next generation of students for the business world. Read on, or watch a five minute video.

Give Your Students the Excel Skills They Need

Students Excel is an online learning system that imparts Excel skills in conjunction with your work. We create customized Excel lessons using the concepts you’re teaching in class to reinforce them and show how they apply in the real world:

  • You choose an assignment for your class
  • Students purchase the assignment from us, like a text book
  • Students choose Excel for Mac or Excel for Windows, and are led through the assignment in step-by-step videos
  • We field all questions about the assignment
  • Students turn their work into us, and we do the grading
  • We give three scores to you: completion (measuring if a student attempted a step), accuracy (measuring if they did the step correctly), and a combined average of the two. You decide how much credit to grant. Some instructors place more weight on completion or accuracy, others simply use the combined average.

Excel with Students Excel 

  • Teaches essential skills for business majors
  • Preserves Valuable Class Time
  • Encourages Individual Work by Each Student
  • Taught by an Excel expert
  • Helps prep for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam
  • Cost effective
  • Ensures your schools graduates have the skills employers are seeking

Teaches Essential Skills

More than half of the nation’s students currently use Google Education apps, like Docs and Sheets[1]. But, nearly all accounting firms use Microsoft Excel, as do most major employers. StudentsExcel helps bridge the gap by giving future professionals real-world Excel skills they need for success.

Preserves Valuable Class Time

Each lesson is fully self-contained and requires no class time from you. Students learn relevant Excel concepts and apply them through exercises.  We evaluate the exercises and submit the results to you to share with your students. View the current line-up of exercises. Custom assignments can be tailored to your requirements at no cost to you.

Encourages Individual Work by Each Student

Each student is assigned a unique four-digit spreadsheet ID number that utilized in various places within each assignment. Other mechanisms are employed during the grading process as well to ensure that two or more students can’t simply turn the same workbook in for a grade.

Learn from the Best

Noted Excel expert, author, and CPA, David Ringstrom, personally oversees the creation of each lesson and evaluation of each assignment. Learn more about David Ringstrom

Prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam

Helps prepare students for the Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Core exam, which can lead to a higher starting salary in the workplace.

Cost Effective

No cost to you or the university. Students pay only $9.95 per lesson.

Current Customers

Our assignments are written into the accounting curriculum across four different courses at Kennesaw State University, and is expanding to the management curriculum. North Dakota State University uses our assignments in one accounting class, and the University of North Georgia is using our materials on a test basis.

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