Adjusting Journal Entries – Faculty Summary

This lesson demonstrates how to set up, format and modify spreadsheets to create a series of journal entries within the context of building a balance sheet and an income statement.  While the companion spreadsheet exercise is used to construct a specific example, students will be able to broadly apply the Excel features learned in their Accounting and Business spreadsheets.


Curriculum Tie-In

This lesson may be used to teach specific aspects of Microsoft Excel while reinforcing concepts in conjunction with typical Accounting or Business courses such as …


Students Learn

Students will learn basic spreadsheet formatting to enhance and clarify data presentation, as well as Excel features and tips to facilitate and streamline their work.   Specifically, students will learn how to:


► Merge and Center text within or across cells to center column headings

► Use Page Layout settings to change page orientation

► Freeze Panes to keep column/row headings on screen while scrolling through spreadsheets

► “Future-proof” formulas to accommodate spreadsheet expansion

► Use the Table Feature to accommodate spreadsheet expansion

► Create dialog boxes to perform Data Validation

► Check formulas against data entry

► Build an Income Statement and a Balance Sheet in Microsoft Excel