Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification

Kennesaw State University students have the option to pursue the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam for Excel. Normally this exam costs $100 to take it once, or $120 to have the option to retake it. KSU is offering the test for $30, plus an annual $5 registration fee. Retakes will be an additional $30.

Accounting students at KSU typically complete Excel assignments in these courses as a pathway to certification:

  • ACCT 2101 (formerly ACCT 2100)
  • ACCT 2102 (formerly ACCT 2200)
  • ACCT 3100
  • ACCT 3300

Over the course of these classes you’ll be exposed to just about every concept on the certification exam at least once. If you wish to take the exam:

  1. Email ksutesting@kennesaw.edu from your KSU email account to request an access code for the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel exam.
  2. You’ll also need to register as a new user here: https://certiport.pearsonvue.com/CATCs/New-user. There’s no charge for the Certiport registration.
  3. Once you have the access code and have registered with Certiport, then you can schedule your test with the KSU testing center.

The test takes roughly an hour, and involves carrying out a series of tasks in Excel on the screen. You’ll get your score at the end of the test, and if you earn a 70 or better you’ll have earned the Microsoft Office Specialist certification which will help distinguish you among a pool of applicants.

You may download a PDF document that shows the steps here: KSU Certiport Microsoft Office Specialist Exam