About the Assignments

Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel Associate Exercises (MOS-200 Exam)

The Pathway to Excel certification is customizable. Here’s the form that it takes at Kennesaw State University:

• Creating Excel-based Financial Statements – Introduction to Financial Accounting Students

Manufacturing Budget – Introduction to Managerial Accounting students

Aging Schedules – Intermediate Accounting students

Accounting Information Systems – Accounting Information Systems students

Other Excel Exercises

Additional exercises are available or can be commissioned at no cost to schools:

• Amortization Table – An introductory Excel assignment suitable for all students

• Cash Flow Budget – Introduction to Managerial Accounting students

• Dashboards – Accounting and management students

• Data Analytics – Data Analytics students

• Fast Starter Salary Projection Tool – Management students

Excel Competency Testing – all levels of students

• Internal Control – Accounting Systems and/or Auditing students

• Moolah Budget – Management students

Payroll Calculations – Management students

• What-If Analysis – Management students

Dozens of additional topics are available at www.professionalsexcel.com. Use the code STUDENTSEXCEL for a 50% discount.

Questions? Contact David Ringstrom at david@studentsxl.com or 404-784-0275. (Students, please note that all support is email based at support@studentsxl.com)