Excel Certification Series

Thank you for your interest in the StudentsExcel certification series! The series is comprised of four assignments which each cost $9.95. If you submit your completed spreadsheet we’re happy to provide detailed grading feedback on your work. The four assignments are part of the curriculum in ACCT 2100, ACCT 2200, ACCT 3100, and ACCT 3300 at Kennesaw State University. If you’re not an accounting major and have questions about any of the accounting concepts let me know. The four assignments cover just about everything on the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam at least once.

Once you register on our site, on the Purchase screen you’ll choose BUSA, Class from the instructor and section lists to see the four assignments. Let us know what questions you have either now or as you go along, you’ll be among the first few folks to use the assignments in this fashion, so you’re helping us break some new ground.

That’s how it works at a high level. Here’s some additional background: There are four assignments that make up the Excel Certification exam prep, which are usually taken in these classes:

ACCT 2100 – Horizontal Financial Statements
ACCT 2200 – Cash Flow Budget
ACCT 3100 – Aging Schedules
ACCT 3300 – Accounting Information Systems

We took the list of concepts covered on the certification exam and worked roughly 25% of them into each assignment. There is a matter of “use it or lose it” with regard to Excel, but the more exposure you get, the more second-nature everything becomes and therefore easier to retain.

The ACCT 3300 assignment went into use spring 2020, so we don’t have any feedback yet from anyone that has done all four assignments and then sat for the certification exam. There’s a tension we’re balancing between covering the concepts but not bulking up the exercises too much. That’s why every assignment has 40 major steps, as a constraint.

You can take the courses at any pace that you like, and we’re available to answer any questions you have about the materials that aren’t made clear in the videos.