Horizontal Financial Statements

The students will pay $9.95 each for this exercise. StudentsExcel will grade the exercise and get them to you within 7 days of the due date for you to determine credit for the students. The exercise includes an anti-cheating mechanism to encourage original work by the students.

I have attached the following items:

  • PDF of the Purchase instructions – to share with your students
  • PDF of the Exercise handout – both Windows and Mac versions. We prefer students watch the video rather than use the PDF instructions.  The video includes detailed demonstrations, check figures, steps and discussion. You can share the PDF with your students if you like, but we are not making it accessible on our website. 
  • Excel workbook that the students will use to complete the exercise
  • The video for the exercise is available at http://video.studentsxl.com/horizontal – in case you wish to try the exercise on your own.  

If your students have any questions at all, please ask them to contact us first at support@studentsxl.com. We launched a new version of our web site this summer that has eliminated many of the previous frustrations that students encountered.

Finally, David Ringstrom, CPA, who wrote and presents Horizontal Financial Statements, is available to guest teach for you if would like him to this semester. Contact him at david@studentsxl.com to arrange a time.