How It Works old

StudentsExcel™ offers video-based Excel training lessons designed to complement college and university courses in Accounting and Business.  Provided as an auxiliary to the classroom instruction, StudentsExcel™ teaches Microsoft Excel features and techniques within the framework of the specific Accounting or Business curriculum and frees up valuable classroom and instructor time to focus on the core material.  Additionally, students may work through the materials at their own pace and have unlimited access to the instructional materials.



  1. Instructors select one or more course offerings to assign to their students, and complete the Faculty form to schedule an exercise through StudentsExcel™.


  1. Students complete the assigned lesson, each of which is comprised of the following:
  • Video-based tutorial presentation that teaches the course material to be covered in the companion exercise.
  • Downloadable PDF version of the PowerPoint tutorial presentation
  • A pre-built Excel spreadsheet that serves as the framework for the exercise
  • Instructions for the exercise itself presented in two formats to accommodate different learning styles. Both formats are available to all students as PDF downloads:
  • Step-by-step video tutorial that visually guides students through each aspect of the exercise
  • Step-by-step written instructions that parallel the steps shown in the tutorial


  1. After completing the video course and the spreadsheet exercise, students submit their spreadsheets to StudentsExcel™.com for evaluation, using the submission form associated with their spreadsheet.
  • An automated tool verifies whether students completed the steps completely, partially or not at all
  • Any steps that are flagged as partially or incorrectly completed are then reviewed manually in case the student carried out the step in an acceptable, but unanticipated, fashion.


  1. Instructors receive a spreadsheet listing all students who purchased the exercise, as well as how each student performed each step in the exercise. One of three responses is given for each gradable step in the exercise:
  • “Completed” signifies the student carried out the step as expected
  • “Partially complete” signifies the student attempted the technique
  • “Not completed” signifies that the student either skipped the step or performed it incorrectly.


  1. Two percentage scores are given: one indicates the number of steps attempted, and a second shows the number of steps completed correctly, with half credit given for partially complete steps.


  1. Instructors use these percentages to assign scores and grades to their students.


  1. Students receive feedback on their exercise, including an explanation of any incorrect work.



There is NO COST to instructors who wish to incorporate StudentsExcel™ lessons into their curriculum.

While there is no cost to students to watch the tutorial presentations, each student pays $9.95 for access to the exercise spreadsheet and grading of their work.  Acceptable payment methods include:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

Neither the instructor nor the school is involved in the purchase process, which is completed through


NoteStudents must have access to Microsoft Excel to complete the exercises.  While the tutorials and step-by-step videos are illustrated using Excel for Windows, equivalent instructions are provided for Excel for Mac.