Manufacturing Budget

The Accounting Information Systems exercise is designed to reinforce accounting concepts taught in class, as well as provide exposure to dozens of Excel techniques that appear on the Microsoft Excel Certification exam. Students pay $9.95 for the exercise and are guided through a video with numbered steps.

The students are taught 37 different Excel concepts.
  • Saving Excel Workbooks
  • FIND function
  • LEFT function
  • TRIM function
  • SUBSTITUTE function
  • RIGHT function
  • CONCAT function
  • SLN (depreciation) function
  • UPPER function
  • LOWER function
  • LEN function
  • MID function
  • Create Table
  • Removing Table Styles
  • Naming Cells
  • Name Manager: Edit names
  • Name Manager: Delete names
  • Page Break Preview
  • Manipulating page breaks
  • Auto Sum feature
  • Using named cells in formulas
  • SUMIF function
  • VLOOKUP function
  • Cell Styles feature
  • Copy across
  • Find/ Replace feature
  • Order of operations
  • Hyperlinks
  • Set Print Area
  • Headers/Footers for printouts
  • Insert picture into header
  • Format picture in header
  • Zoom Feature
  • #VALUE! error
  • Group/ungroup row and columns
  • Cross-worksheet cell references
  • Selecting groups of cells

Each student is assigned a unique 4-digit number known as their Spreadsheet ID for use during the exercise. This ID number is incorporated into the exercise and helps ensure that each student turns in their own work.

The students submit their work to us and we handle all of the grading. We give you three scores:

  • Completion: This score indicates if the student attempted a given step.
  • Accuracy: This score indicates carried out the step accurately.
  • Combined: The average of the two Completion and Accuracy scores.

Within one week of an assignment’s due date we provide instructors with a spreadsheet showing all student results. Partial credit in our scoring is given if a student at least attempts a step. Instructors determine final credit for each student, and whether late submissions are allowed. Students receive written feedback confirming which steps were completed successfully, as well as providing guidance on steps that they did not attempt or did not complete correctly.

Some instructors give more weight to the Completion score than the Accuracy score, while other instructors use the combined average when determining credit. We’re happy to provide any additional information that can help you as an instructor.

Please direct questions to David Ringstrom ( or 404.784.0275. Learn more about us at