Background for Students

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You will be directed to the payment portal, where there is a $9.95 fee for access to the spreadsheet that you will use as the basis for the exercise.  Payment can be made on-line through

The fee also covers evaluation of your spreadsheet, which is provided to your instructor.  Your instructor is responsible for assigning a grade for your work.

You have unlimited access to the course video, as well as to the review materials and spreadsheet instructions, both versions of which are available on-line and as downloadable, printable PDF files.

You may review the materials as much as you need and complete the spreadsheet at your convenience, however, your instructor has indicated a deadline by which the exercise must be completed and turned in to using the submission form provided with your spreadsheet.  You must successfully submit your completed spreadsheet by the deadline in order for your work to be evaluated and returned to your instructor.  Work not successfully submitted by the deadline will be marked as not completed.

You must have access to Microsoft Excel and an internet connection in order to complete this course.  Instructions are provided for Windows based versions, while alternate instructions are provided on the right side of the screen for Excel for Mac users.  Instructions are written for Microsoft Excel 2007 and later versions.  Current versions of Microsoft Excel are available in your school’s computer lab.  Alternately students can purchase 4 years of access to Microsoft Office for a low price directly from Microsoft.

Telephone support is not available for exercises.